What chance have people with disabilities got ? What chance have carers got ? Living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability is a 24/7 365 days a year job.

Don’t Leave them Behind outline our pre-budget submission which demand a significant increase in allowances to people with disabilities and carers .


Carers save the Irish Government €6 Billion a years they support and care for their loved ones each and every day  During COVID the State abandoned them completely withdrawing day care services and forcing people with disabilities and carers to isolate for over 19 months .Indeed the State still have not returned day care services with many people receiving just 2 hours a week and other people with disabilities advised that the promise of a return to full day care services on the 22nd of October will not take place yet Ministers continue to issue meaningless press releases heralding the return of these vital services on the 22nd -Shame on them.

For Carers and people with disabilities and Carers the State have failed to increase their allowances since april 2019 and failed to ensure that they could fund and live a basic life during the entire period of COVID 19 .At the same time the State decide that all other people who could not work due to the pandemic could not live on less than €350 a week and awarded over 1 million a PUP allowance at this rate . This €350 figure is the correct figure required for any person living and supporting a family and who cannot work either as a result of a pandemic ,or having a disability ,or caring for someone with a disability .The Benchmark is now set by the State itself and it is time for this State  to step up and .over a 2 year period award each person with a disability and their carers an allowance of €350 per week and lift them out of the poverty trap that they are currently in.

Carer and saving the State  €6 Billion a year and fairness requires that the people saving the State such a huge amount must be paid a wage to acknowledges this work .

Furthermore ,the State must remove means testing for both people with disabilities and for carers along with preventing Government Departments and the HSE tasing people with disabilities if their life long disability has ” Gone Away ”

Don’t Leave them Behind in making this pre-budget submission are inviting all politicians to support these basic rights next week.



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