Don't Leave Them Behind


Welcome to Don’t leave them behind which aims to become a leading voice for persons with ASD. Our objective is simply to improve the lives of all persons on the Autism Spectrum and to support the families and friend of people with Autism.

We are a campaigning platform which will highlight the actions required to ensure that people with autism never fall so far behind that they can never catch up.


We will provide parents and carers with up to date quality information and resources.


We want to create a community of advocates who will support parents who advocate on a daily basis for the family members with ASD.
Don’t leave them behind will highlight issues that involve the lack of provision of adequate and appropriate services for people with autism.


At least 25 hours a week on-on-one all year round early education intervention is vital for children with autism and speech and language therapy is vital supported by occupational therapy. Our platform will provide daily updates on new and emerging educational techniques as they arise.


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Our site will provide our users with a thorough understanding of ASD and best practice approaches. We will provide evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of children and adults with autism. We will create an online discussion forum for autistic people their families and  autism professionals supporters. 

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Don’t leave them behind have built a user base that is available to advise families and persons with ASD on all aspects around dealing with ASD and associated matters. We will find relevant experts and professionals from within our community which will provide a source for advice and information.


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Carers Pension excludes many full -time carers with cruel exemption

Carers Pension excludes many full -time carers with cruel exemption

As the State promises carers a contributory pensions for a life time of full-time care -they have excluded 1000s of life-time carers who received a social welfare payment during their time providing full-time care -these carers have saved the State over €20 billion a year contributing to the huge budget surplus that the Government are holding .It appears that the Government have not learned any lessons from the abject failure of their referendum on care

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