Don’t leave them behind was create to ensure that individuals with autism are supported and given the correct interventions that will assist them in having an equal life.

We will be supporting and developing legislation that promotes equal opportunity and financial support for children and adults with autism.

Our goal is to ensure that equality means equality and that persons with autism receive the services that they require including but not limited to.

An expansion of the services offered for adults with autism to gain the support they need to live as independently as possible in their community through appropriate housing, support and employment.

Early response teams to engage with families when the receive a diagnosis of autism including a “first 100 days” guide which will advise on how to make the best use of the first 100 days.

A guide and hotline that will inform parents where to start the search for the correct and relevant education intervention that your child requires and the provision of the resources required to deliver the relevant education programmes.

An international training programme for public service workers and private sector key workers on issues surrounding autism with specific training for Human Resources professionals regarding recruitment and hiring people with Autism.

The development of a consistent range of services available in all locations to ensure that persons with autism do not lose their supports as they move from one part of the system to another part of the system.

A significant increase in funding for early intervention.

Supports for people with autism who have mental health difficulties. Mental Health issues are a common feature among people with ASD with over 40% of people with autism estimated to have symptoms of at least one anxiety disorder at any time.

A significant increase in capacity of residential options for persons with autism and and examination of the appropriateness of adult residential units.

Of course we have many more areas that we will be asking you to support us as we attempt to ensure that person with ASD are not left behind.

If you want to become a advocate  or assist our campaign do not hesitate to contact today.

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