300,000 unpaid carers saving the State €20  Billion a year –   This budget must deliver a weekly support of €350 per week and end means Testing Now !

Carers ignored ( Yet Again ) as Government rule out COVID bonus

We have 5 Minister with Disability in their Job descriptions yet this Government have decided to ignore carers and people with disabilities when awarding a COVID 19 bonus .Carers and people with disabilities abandoned by Government throughout the COVID pandemic worked 24/7 -365 days a year without a break yet this cruel Government offer them a Bank Holiday which the can’t take.

Budget 2024 must support People with Disabilities and Carers with a living wage, no means testing and full pension benefits.

Carers Hounded by Government with Means Tests

Carers are facing cruel means test which is ruling them out for basic carers allowances based on having just €2 more than is allowed with the carers partners earning the loving wage and no more -means tests for carers must be abolished as the State are saving €3 billion per year as a direct result of carers providing caring that the State refused to do.

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