Don’t Leave them Behind are concerned by the huge response our article received on Carer Breakdown and the significant number of calls and requests for support and help that we have received from many Carers who are suffering from major meltdown and concerns around all aspect of caring and carer supports.

A strong theme coming through the last week’s communication is a strong desire for access to support advice and guidance as there appears to be a lack of this information and the delivery of this resource is significantly lower that many other countries in Europe and further allied.

We cannot sit  by while this new Pandemic of Carer Breakdown unfolds and we have start to work on a project Carer Connect which will create a online community of carers and specialists who will provide a warm and welcoming place where carers can share what’s on their mind and look for information on what is available to support you in your caring work .

Our  Carer Connect online community will allow carers to share their concerns and talk about the real issues with people who understand .

Carer Connect will also bring carers together to campaign for and deliver lasting changes  for carers and their loved ones .

Carer Connect will be  an independent online community platform and network which will provide a range of services to support and enhance the lives of carers of all ages throughout Ireland .

In creating Carer Connect we have to embark carry out a vast range of work to ensure that a resource is both seamless to use and of use to carers on a daily basis

We will need volunteers, we will need marketing and communication support , we will need a panel of experts , we will need carers in each community to be available to offer online support .

Contact today if you want to get involved and have a contribution to make to this exciting and innovative project .

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