Some startling facts and figures around carers and the cost of caring interns of health impacts ,physical burden, emotional burn0out loss of opportunity and financial loss.

Expectations on carers continue to grow with 7 in 10 carers doing much more as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic and many carers and people with disabilities abandoned by the services tasked with supporting them .

The Star are happy to put more and more ” work ” on carers most of whom are unpaid and are saving the Republic of Ireland 6 billion a year as a direct result giving their time freely to care for their loved ones in the absence 0f any meaningiful support from the State ,

Caring has become a 24/7 job with many carers providing this service which has resulted in significant damage to each individual carer and their families .

Carers have no access to much required supports and many are means tested for the small allowance that they received  with 70% of carers receiving no financial support from any State Body.

Carer Breakdown is now the norm with carers experiencing all consuming exhaustion .Dont leave them Behind has learned from carers directly of the sacrifices that they make daily to support vulnerable people .This includes but is not limited too .,

. Not eating Properly ,not having time for dinner/lunch or breakfast

. Lack of sleep caring for loved ones during the night

. Pain developing Back/muscular problems

. Failure to look after the carers own health conditions

Of course Mental Health is a key sign of Carer Breakdown including ,

. Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling Depressed

. Anxious and concerned worrying about the person being cared for or worrying about the future

Financial hardship is a significant factor in Carer Breakdown as many carers are unpaid carers and most carers cannot find work as they provide caring on a 24/7 basis .

If you are feeling or experiencing these symptoms contact your GP in the first instance as they can chart a route out of the situation you are finding yourself in .

With over 50% of carers falling ill and continuing caring you are not alone

Don’t Leave them Behind are calling for an urgent new sustainable funding for carers along with a plan of action by the HSE to identify and support carers this must include the early identification of  carers in Carer Breakdown with supports put in place to ensure that the carer receives respite and other relevant supports as required .

The Government must end Carers Financial Hardship with urgent measures to prevent carers and their families from falling into poverty .

Carers Breakdown is increasing significantly as carers do more caring and spend little or no time on caring for themselves  -action is urgently required  with the State saving over 6 billion a year on caring the funding is there we just need the will and commitment  to support carers and their families .





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