Our pre-budget campaign has had a significant impact with over 100 million allocated towards disability services in 2021 – but this is not enough .

So the Irish Government announced the largest expenditure in the history of the State at over €18 Billion which they hope will weather the COVID 19 crisis and deal with BREXIT .

What is remarkable about the Budget and its massive expenditure is that the Government ignored the significant contribution that carers are making to the Irish economy saving the state over €4 Billion a year .

During the COVID 19 Pandemic the Irish Government walked away from people with disabilities and their families and carers and withdrew all day care services and respite services .

Inaddition they moved key specialists staff away from supporting people with disabilities into contact tracing and swabbing roles

. Over 800 specialists in Speech & Language ,Occupational Therapy  and key specialists required to carry our assessments so that individuals can develop a personal development plan were assigned by the HSE to COVID 19 roles and will not return to their specialist roles in disability services until mid 2021 or not at all if the COVID 19 pandemic surges .

These actions have resulted in carers and families having to support people with disabilities since the lockdown started on the  11th March and  on a 24/7 basis while attempting to protect themselves from the virus .

The Government have demonstrated little or no regard for these carers and people with disabilities and their needs .

Carers are exhausted and at the cliff edge with many carers over the age of 60 , the State needs to step up to the plate and amend this awful decision not to support them out of a spend of €18 Billion.

Yesterday the Irish Government decided to refused

.an increase in the carers alliance

. an increase in disability allowance

. the removal of the means testing for carers allowance

. a COVID 19 payment for carers who have filled in and worked 24/7 to cover for the loss of daycare services

Meanwhile Day Care Services will not return to an meaningful service until mid-2021 and carers are struggling to support their loved ones .

Our campaign will continue until such time as we ensure that all our citizens are equal .

Get involved to day we need your support !



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