We have learned from a number of families that the HSE propose to abolish the key position of Disability Case Manager and move the responsibilty for Case Management to the relevant Day Care Service Unit currently known as Day Opportunities which are charged with managing funding for Day Care Services providers with no expertise in the key disciplines of disability case management .

The HSE have decided to abolish the Disability Case Manager role due the failure of the HSE to recruit Disability Case Managers with the qualifications required to support many people with a vast range of disabilities.

The Day Opportunities unit are instructed to carry out “case reviews ‘ designed to close most files awaiting the appointment of Disability Case Manager .If you currently have a Disability Case Manager you will be approached by the Day Opportunities Unit and invited to get involve in a ” review ” the purpose of which to to come as many files as possible and move them out of the Disability Case Management Division in Day Opportunities.

The waiting list for Disability Case Managers had reached over 2 years with 100s of families receiving no support for many years from Disability Services and experiening the frustration of spending precious time chasing up the HSE for a Case Manager to help them chart their route through the HSE minefield .

The Day Opportunities unit within the HSE are currently closing each persons case file and advising them that day opportunities or community services will deal with all aspects of support in the future.

The key driver for this strategy is the abject failure of the HSE to recruit qualified staff to work in critical areas within  Disability Services and not based on any informed new innovative strategy that will benefit its clients who are lucky at the moments to have a Disability Case Manager and who will gradually lose this service over the next 6 months .

Again the HSE have demonstrated little or no regard for people with disabilities and their families and have shown themselves to be unfit to hold responsibility for Disability Services and this area needs to be moved away from them as soon as possible.

From our experience we have no doubt that the Minister for Disability hasn’t a clue that this key move is taking place notwithstanding the fact that she was made aware on many occasions that the HSE had huge delays in appointing Case Managers and regretfully failed to act on this.

This callous decision must be reversed as soon as possible and the HSE must have a serious look at its HR & Recruitment Department which appears to be incapable of finding talent to fill that many roles it has on offer across the country .

If you are impacted by this decision contact info@dontleavethembehind.com today.

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