The battle to obtain work and new careers for people with ASD is ongoing on a daily basis and this struggle is difficult and can be very disappointing . Selling the Talents and contribution people with ASD have and can offer employers is hard and without significant results .

Dublin South City Partnership are currently delivering the Ability Programme which offers young adults support and guidance to develop positive pathways to work and study .

The Ability Programme is free and works with young people aged 18-29 who experience emotional , psychological and mental health challenges to find suitable education, training and employment .

The Ability programme involves a broader level of service delivery to support young people explore pathways into work and education including soft skills development  , resilience building and identifying social  connections to community life.

When/if an Ability participant secures a job the programme will explore what  work place supports they may need to assist them prepare for the workplace , transition into the job etc.

The Ability Programme team will liaise with employers in terms of seeking employment or work experience  for participants and where necessary offer support/guidance should any challenge arise when a participant is working there .

The programme is person-centred with goal setting and work on areas of self- development .

The Ability Programme is available in Dublin South City area ( 2,4,6,6W,8,10,12,20 ) .

If you think that the Ability programme would be suitable for you or if you care for a person with and and believe the programme might work for them contact or pop over to 



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