A new Development across at the HSE whereby they have downgraded Disability Case Managers and are now offering people with autism unqualified Day Care Services Admin staff to act as Disability Case Managers interacting with clients and carrying out detailed Service reviews on each individual ,the Jnr Day Service administration staff have no qualifications to carrying out such important reviews.

A Disability Case Manager role is to assist clients with the myriad of units and departments within the HSE ensuring that support services are delivered and are appropriate.A Disability Case Manager prioritises the services required and monitors the work of disability services staff to insure that efficient and timely delivery of services happen .

A Case Manager will require degree level qualifications along with 5 years plus experience working in the disability area.

Currently that HSE have failed to recruit any disability managers for 2022 and waiting lists for the appointment of a disability case manager are now averaging 3/4 years while one family with a number of family members on the spectrum  waiting over 10 years plus for the appointment of a Case Manager .

Many clients received confirmation  throughout 2021/2022 by the HSE that ” a decision was..made to assign a Case Manager…A Case Manager will make contact as soon as possible to arrange dates and times …the letters go on to say ” Unfortunately I cannot give you a timeline at the moment only assure you that it will be as soon as possible ” 

As a direct result ion the failure of the HSE to meet their Disability Services Staffing need ,the HSE have embarked on a series of reviews ,which is a delaying mechanism with families receiving letters from the HSE from Day Care Services staff informing them that they are carrying  out reviews for ” case management ” these reviews are taking place notwithstanding the fact that most of these clients have had multiple reviews carried out over many years and all these families received letters informing them that the HSE have agreed that a Case Manager is required and is to be assigned ..

What is of more concern is that these reviews are being carried out by unqualified admin staff from Day Care Services who have no experience or knowledge of the issues they are reviewing and are dangerously making unqualified assumptions on individuals requirement and service need.

This HSE have yet again failed to deliver appropriate and professional services for people with autism and are happy to subject clients and their carers to  meetings and ongoing reviews which are designed to create delays as a direct result of the HSE recruitment failures .

The HSE must be removed from providing services for people with autism and the political systems must ensure that this outrageous behaviour is discontinued   immediately .

If you or your family are in this position contact info@back4good.com today as we are requesting a meeting with the Minister for Disability urgently.





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