The proposed change to the constitution which attempts to enshrine in law and define care as only by family to the exclusion of the obligation of the State to be THE provider of care and attempts to remove this obligation with a hollow statement ” the state will strive to support “. must be rejected  by people with disabilities and carers across the country .

The Irish Government have failed to take on board the recommendation of the Citizens Assembly which put the onus on the Government to provide reasonable measures to provide care in the home and community .


Our experience of dealing with the State as they ” strive “ to support families and carers is one of object failure, with responsibility delegated to the disastrous  HSE who have presided over a service that has damaged 1000s of people with disabilities and who have used families without providing adequate supports .

We have called for the provision of full statutory care in our homes and in the community for many years  .The Citizens Assembly provide an excellent road map on how to make the State carry out its responsibility of care for all citizens  .However  this Government decided to walk away from this road map and by attempting to enshrine this flawed amendment into the Constitution are demonstrating the negligence in the provision of care by the Irish State for decades..

This amendment is an opportunity for people with disabilities , carers and their families to stand up to this ” 3 card trick “  by the Government  and to stop them walking away from their responsibilities, we must get out and vote and Vote No for our future and for our children’s future .

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