So the people have cast their votes and this has resulted in the largest No vote in the history of the State .Ireland has rejected the recommendations of the entire politicial establishment who campaigned for a YES YES vote .

The Politicial estebalishment simply don’t get it notwithstanding the fact that we have told them on this platform for many years that they cannot get away with their failure to support people with disabilities and carers.

A new coalition of people carers, people with disabilities ,elderly and women  came together to deliver a huge rejection of these flawed amenedments .This new movement have rejections the State funded NGOs who flowed their political masters ,ignored their members and campaigned  strongly for a YES YES vote .

The failure of the political establishment to deliver rights and equality for people with disabilities and carers was recalled by 1000s of people who came out to Vote No and for the first time ever we spoke with one voice to tell them that enough was enough .

This Government must stop procrastating on basic human rights and sign the European Convention and start to deliver today services and funding to ensure that people with disabilities and carers are removed from the chronic poverty that they are currently living in.

Carers save the State 20billion a year they are entiled to support for the 24/7 caring they are providing steps that should be delivered today  include . Means Testing for Carers Allowance must be removed today and this allowance must be raised to the living wage level . Disability Allowance must also be set at the living wage without means tteesting and the practice of asking people have they got a disability on an annual basis must stop.

Don’t Leave them behind have campaign for many years for people with disabilities and carers and have spoken about the need for us to organise and get involved in the political process by standing and running in elections .

In 10 weeks time we have an excellent opportunity to do just that with the local and European elections -our new coalition can build  on our amazing work over the past 3 months and participate in these elections.

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