Don’t leave them behind are glad to report the establishment of a new autism support service called Autism Supports which is the brainchild of Ciara Watson who has significant experience across the spectrum.

Autism Supports aims to provide support and teaching for parents and teachers ,in the home and in the school setting .They provide an individualised support programme ,which is tailored to each family’s needs ,based on each individual child, family and environment .

Ciara Watson herself has a neurodiverse child and is neurodiverse herself and based on her experiences and very impressive educational achievements in the ASD area. Ciara is keen to ensure that Autism Supports deliver a tailored and bespoke plan for each individual child and family.

You can find the range of services available on which is a mix of services for parents and professional services for schools and support organisations.

Autism Supports are offering a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with no obligation to avail of the services on offer ,this will allow parents to decide if the service is for you and can assist you going forward .

Don’t leave them Behind are delighted to advise that a 10% discount applies to all services for parents just mention our site and the discount will be applied .

Check out or email if you require further information .

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