Following on strong feedback from our subscriber base we have created a new Talent Acquisition Service finding top talent for the disability and healthcare sectors .

People with disabilities are suffering significantly from staff shortages across these sectors with many services curtailed or suspended.

Family members and carers have to step in to this gap providing services that while funded by the State are not delivered by service providers .

We are creating our Talent Acquisition Service to address the demand for skilled professionals in all occupations and across all locations .

Our subscriber database consists of 1000s of professionals with expertise in most occupations that ar currently in huge demand .

Our international reach is significant and global allowing us to reach out to a large mobile network of top talent .

We will work with employers and organisations to assist them to find the talent required and will offer a full cycle talent acquisition service including ,search ,short listing ,first stage interview, final interview. ,contract negotiations, reference checks and onboarding .

We believe we can make a major impact in the Talent Sourcing area and if you wish to get involved early in the process contact today .

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