This Friday a vital and important referendum which will have significant impact on people with disabilities and carers takes place .As part of our planning to organise voting for PWD and Carers we have encounter Barriers that are in place that make it extremely difficult for PWD and Carers to case their actual ballot.

The fact that we have had to plan this process a week before the polling day demonstrates how difficult it is for people with disabilities and carers find it to participate in the democratic process.

Only in Ireland is could this happen -we have a referendum on care and multiple barriers are placed to prevent carers voting in this referendum .

The Electoral Commission should step in here and investigate why it is so difficult for people with disabilities and carers to vote .

With Local,European and a General Election coming up in 2024 the State must ensure that necessary measures are taken to ensure access to voting and that citizens with disabilities and carers have the right to vote and stand as candidates in all elections.

Currently the barriers to political participation in Ireland are significant and include ,

. Physical barriers ,inaccessible polling stations.

.Communication barriers are common , including unavailability of  sign Language and or  interpreters, accessible literature etc.

.Lack of representation for PWD and Carers

. Lack of information on the political process.

.Lack of appropriate education and resources for members of the disability community.

A lack of PA support to enable PWD and carers to cast their vote.

and much more.


The National Disability Inclusion Strategy – NDIS Action 29 calls for the State to ” improve participation in public and political life “ this Government has failed to implement this goal and has created further barriers which make it a challenge for PWD and carers to vote this Friday and indeed in the upcoming elections.

If you are voting No or Yes please try and participate  in the democratic process as its vital that we hear your voice.

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