As we head into the home straight of the 2 referendums campaign  s is becoming clear to People with Disabilities that the care  referendum bring the worst case scenario  to them ruling out a guarantee that the State will deliver basic services and only commits to ” Strive “{ to support carers and people with disabilities .

Of course this comes as no surprise to us based on years of neglect and failure by the State and its agents in supporting people with disabilities and carers.

This referendum offers no new rights for people with disabilities or carers.

As FLAC have advised ‘ the care amendment is unlikely to provide carers, people with disabilities or older people with new enforceable rights or improved services from the State” Flac said.

FLAC goes on to say that the proposal gives constitutional expression to ” harmful Stereotypes “ in care provision and ” potentially compromises “ the rights of people with disabilities .

The proposal reflects our experience in dealing with the State for over 25 years advocating for people with disabilities and carers -the State are happy to allow unpaid carers save this State over €20 Billion a year by providing full time care on a 24/7 basis  .

The overstaffed HSE have a track record of failure to support people with disabilities and carers and are happy to force us to pursue basic rights in all the courts in the land up to and including the Supreme Court .

The care referendum presents an opportunity to demonstrate to the State that enough is enough for people with disabilities and carers with a big NO vote on March the 8Th .

Ensure that you get out and use your No vote to deliver a message to this Government that it is time to respect people with disabilities and carers and deliver a fair and equal society for them.



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